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In 2018, with decades of experience at the forefront of communications strategies in the renewable energy industry, the Innovant Public Relations team decided to branch out. Innovant Public Relations, a communications strategy firm, was launched with the goal of supporting companies, both in the clean energy sector and elsewhere, that are seeking community outreach counsel and support, media relations, event management, and branding. We understand the importance of listening to our clients, using a narrative that resonates with target audiences, working on tight deadlines, and building and maintaining lasting relationships.

Get To Know Us

Sarah Bray

Sarah Bray


Sarah has a track record of developing strong brands and communications strategies aimed at increasing public awareness. Sarah has secured feature stories in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, The Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune, the Houston Chronicle, Texas Monthly, on NPR nationally and regionally, and in countless regional, local and trade publications.

Sarah brings nearly 20 years of public relations and outreach experience and directed corporate communications at two leading renewable energy companies. Prior to entering the energy space, Sarah worked for PR agencies representing an array of clients in the hospitality, nonprofit, and retail sectors in Houston.   Sarah is actively involved in the Houston Arts Community and served on the Board of Directors of Art League Houston for six years, including as President of the Board from 2015 – 2016.

Fun Facts

Morning ritual: Coffee, get my toddler out of bed and dressed, more coffee

Indulgence: Sleep

Source of inspiration: Living in the present, fully and contently

Sunday soundtrack: Van Morrison

Dusk or dawn?: Dusk. There is nothing more beautiful than a pink sky

Most loved Houston spot: My happy place is inside the Cy Twombly Gallery at the Menil

Favorite movie: The English Patient

I work in PR because: I love what I do…every. single. day.

Fun Facts

Erin Szalkowski


Erin graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 2007. As former Senior Counsel and Head of Land at Clean Line Energy, Erin has over eight years of project management and public outreach experience. She is well versed in renewable energy strategy for state and local permitting processes, as well as public engagement. Erin served as Clean Line’s legal and/or land representative in community roundtable meetings, public open houses, public hearings, and direct landowner negotiations in nine states. Erin saw firsthand and has a great appreciation for how strong brand identity and project support can bolster broad public perception, enhance a desired narrative with target audiences, and ultimately help to secure necessary regulatory permits for clean energy projects.

Fun Facts

Morning ritual: Gym. Coffee. More coffee. Toddler time.

Secret talent: Jigsaw puzzles

Indulgence: Drinking red wine and drawing cartoons

Source of inspiration: My daughter

Sunday soundtrack: Anything from Dave Brubeck to David Bowie.

Dusk or dawn?: That’s like asking wine or coffee – I like (need?) both!

Favorite movie: If anyone with a toddler has time to watch movies, please email me your secret.

Life philosophy: There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in

I work in PR because: I love using both the analytic side and artistic side of my brain to help people achieve their goals

Fun Facts
Erin Szalkowski
Louis Pitre

Louis Pitre

Designer & Web Developer

Louis graduated from the University of Houston’s Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts Graphic Design program. Louis has worked in-house as a graphic designer for Clean Line Energy and also worked for ttweak, a top-tier branding agency in Houston. Louis has a deep understanding of design elements and communications standards necessary to create inviting, simple, and clear narratives. Louis brings a modern and clean aesthetic to his design products and works to ensure that messaging is presented effectively. Louis is a true creative and outside of work enjoys writing music and playing the drums and piano.

Fun Facts

Morning ritual: Snooze my alarm three times, stretch, cup of ginger tea & green tea, pushups

Secret talents: Playing the piano and drums, music production, and math

Indulgence: Solitude, music, & exercise

Source of inspiration: The 80-year old version of myself

Sunday soundtrack: Mix of electronic, house and contemporary jazz

Reading right now?: Mastery, by George Leonard

Dusk or dawn?: Neither, night

I work in PR because: I have a creative and overactive mind, and PR helps channel that creativity

Fun Facts

Ty Hughes


As an intern for Innovant Public Relations, Ty spends his time supporting efforts across the board, from ensuring that large client mailings are completed well and on time, to building media lists and pitching stories, to researching event themes and qualified vendors.  Ty also supports Innovant’s social media efforts by implementing creative ideas to give Innovant PR a voice in the ever changing world of online media.  Since Ty graduated from the University of Houston’s Jack Valenti School of the Communication, he has worked remotely and in-house as a social media manager for The Montrose Center and six restaurant groups across Houston. With a thirst for knowledge, Ty continues his public relations journey and stands ready to learn and ready to wow. 

Fun Facts

Morning ritual: Wake up. Play Madonna’s Greatest Hits on Spotify. Feed my cat. 

Secret talents: Great at impressions.

Indulgence: Cleaning out my closet as an excuse to buy more clothes. 

Most Loved Spot in Houston: Anywhere I can get a good view of the skyline. 

Source of Inspiration: Constantly being in competition with myself, ensuring I’m always progressing.

Sunday soundtrack: Fleetwood Mac. 

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music. 

Dusk or dawn?: Dusk.

I work in PR because: I enjoy the mix of office disciplines and connecting with others. No day at work is exactly alike and I love that! 

Fun Facts
Ty Hughes

What We Do

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We believe that the brand + the people form the foundation of a company. We establish progressive and modern identities and brands that resonate with targeted audiences and help our clients and their projects gain recognition and be remembered. We create designs that are minimal, clean, purposeful, and that stand the test of time. We believe that every logo, color, font and visual element should tell a story, serve a purpose, and be cohesive to truly embody and represent the spirit of the organization. Innovant Public Relations’ roots are in community outreach. We understand from firsthand experience that it is absolutely essential to be an active part of the communities in which we and our clients work. We seek to establish meaningful relationships that translate into long-term partnerships with local communities, and we strive to build trust, credibility and support by working in close coordination with local organizations, schools, and community members. We utilize digital media to share information, garner exposure, and increase engagement, emphasizing the need to communicate effectively and with purpose across all digital platforms in a timely fashion. With access to the best analytics tools on the market, we use real-time data to inform insight and strategy and to guide future messaging. We share analytics and results with clients to illustrate ROI and inform them of online performance and engagement. We are a strategic, creative, one-stop shop for comprehensive event planning needs. We offer advance planning services, entertainment, catering and décor coordination and management, and onsite logistics support to clients who are looking to host a memorable corporate or personal event of any size. We are pleased to orchestrate the preparation, management, and promotion of events, seeing them through from start to finish. Public relations is at the heart of what we do and is central to our approach to integrated marketing communications. We believe public relations is the guardian of the brand and that it is critical to communicate often with purpose and clarity. We are pleased to have long-standing relationships with journalists across the country and to be able to engage top-tier publications and influential trade outlets to help our clients tell their stories to key audiences, big or small. A website is often the first point of contact made with an organization or business – therefore, it is imperative to have a website that will make a meaningful first impression. We understand that a website can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help businesses grow. We design websites that are informative, eye-catching, and user friendly, always keeping the brand at the forefront and the information accessible.
  • Branding & Design
  • Community Involvement
  • Digital Media
  • Event Production
  • Public Relations
  • Web Development